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Flat Sheet Polishing Services

  • Best Processes

    The LARGEST flat sheet polisher in the United States- GMS can handle sheet sizes up to 160″ x 468″ (4.06m x 11.88m) as well as small and large aerostructures.

  • Professional Standards

    With 40 years of experience in the metal finishing and clad aluminum skin quality polishing industry, GMS is the trusted partner with companies like Boeing, Gulfstream, Spirit AeroSystems, Cessna, GKN Aerospace, Bombardier and Korean Air too just mention a few. We meet most aerospace standards that achieve polished skin quality requirements. GMS is the leader in providing #8 Mirror Finish polishing services per best industry standards.

  • Every Job is Crucial

    Our reputation is on the line with every sheet/part/plate processed at our facility. GMS takes extreme pride in achieving the highest quality finishes on every job; regardless if polishing a decorative part or a fuselage skin for the Boeing 777.


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Complex Contoured
Part Polishing

  • Specialization in Aviation

    We polish aluminum, stainless steel and titanium skins for various aerospace programs that include the Boeing 777X, Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 7000 and many others, while meeting all polishing and inspection specification requirements.

  • Eye for Detail

    Our processes are designed to provide surfaces that are free of scratches, blisters, orange-peel, or any other unsightly blemishes and the ability to standardize customer’s unique skin quality requirements or per industry specifications. GMS provides super finish quality polished skins, vastly superior to any raw premium skin quality from any mill.

  • Fast Turnaround

    GMS partners with our customers to their supply chain, we have the capability to develop customized storage, JIT delivery and lead-time programs.




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